Luna Rosa Theatre Company was founded by Anthi Kettirou and Lena Kasiou. The company is based in Cyprus and acts in the field of theatre and performance arts. It practises and explores a variety of art forms, creating multidisciplinary work. It aims at creating theatrical experiences concerning social and cultural issues, inspired from human relationships and interactions, diversity, the environment and everyday life. Their devised and immersive approach is what makes their work unique and offers a different theatrical experience to the audience. Every project is encountered with realism, responsibility and respect towards the target audience.

Luna Rosa wants to create unique, unforgettable and exciting experiences and hopes that the audience’s love for the theatre continues to grow.

Lena Kasiou

Lena Kasiou was introduced to the magical world of music and theatre from a very young age. She went on to study music at Royal Holloway University of London (Bachelor’s Degree in Music) and continued her studies in Los Angeles where she completed the intensive course of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. At that time, she gained a scholarship attending classes at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Returning to London, she earned a Master’s Degree in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. That is where she discovered her passion for devised theatre, a genre that allows innovation, experimentation, freedom of expression and collaboration with multitalented people. A genre that a allows people to think differently.

As an actor, musician and creator she participated in various theatrical performances in Los Angeles, London and Cyprus, including St. George and the Dragon (dir. Anna Strasberg, Marylin Monroe Theatre), Shall we eat each other on Saturday? (dir. Jing Wong, Embassy Theatre), Who Stole Mee?Tasting Apples (dir. A. Kasiou, Arcola Theatre), In Two Minds (composer for THOC, dir. A. Kasiou), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (dir. A.Kasiou, Open Arts) and The Cherry Orchard (dir. A. Kasiou, Open Arts).

She is a member of the Open Arts theatre group. Due to her experience with working with children she created the Open Minds Workshops for children, which aim to expose children to multidisciplinary work and devised theatre . Since 2015, she has been working with Anthi Kettirou closely as co-creator, performer and musician/composer in their projects. Such projects are Pink Moon and Orange Earth, a family immersive project, and Trust Your Lying Eyes, a dance performance for the DanceWaves dance festival. Additionally, together with Anthi Kettirou, they created the first baby theatre in Cyprus named Bloom!, for ages 6 -18 months and then went on to create the baby theatre #πάνταbaby ❤️❤️❤️. Their most recent work is entitled “Can you keep a Secret?”, an interactive family production.

As a result of this collaboration, together they founded Luna Rosa Theatre Company, so as to continue creating interactive, immersive, devised, dance theatre experiences for infants, adults and the whole family.

Anthi Kettirou

Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, she engaged in Rhythmic Gymnastics in a very young age and was National Champion for many consecutive years. She participated in European and World Championships for the National team of Cyprus and has won a gold medal at the Greek National Championship in 1996 and a silver medal at the World Gymnasiade in 1998. Rhythmic gymnastics was the starting point of her engagement with dance, since ballet is an integral part of daily training.

She studied dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands. Her education in the art of dance includes a variety of dance styles, including classical, contemporary, modern, release, jazz, voice and movement as well as improvisation and contact improvisation. Working with dance theatre and contemporary dance as her base, she finds inspiration in daily life and human interaction and has great interest in experimental movement. She approaches dance as a form of holistic art, thus leading to collaborations with artists from various fields.