Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret? Family Show
What is it that gives joy to everyone? It may not be the same for everyone. Do we have freedom of speech, expression or conscience in our lives? It may not be the same for everyone…

This work talks about all people irrespective of age. The child who finds joy in small and colourful things. The teenager who finds the joy in his/her music. The adult who can be alone for a while, without feeling alone. The one wanting to see the positive aspect of life.

“Can you keep a secret?” is an authentic story of five people very different from each other. It is inspired by real characters that we meet in our everyday life and is presented with sensitivity, imagination and humor!

Two very special characters, Ingrid and Panda are co-workers and roommates. Ingrid being emotive and extrovert, wishes to “unlock” the intimate and introverted Panda by organising for her a very big surprise with the help of Talu, Oktava and Luther.

The audience will experience something unique, exploring at the same time the magical world of devised theatre. The plot, movement, music, scenery and characters are developing and growing together, for the young viewers to enjoy a theatrical experience that attracts them and gives them food for thought.

Creative Team: Lena Kasiou, Anthi Kettirou
Cast: Anthi Kettirou, Varsia Adamou, Lena Kasiou, Konstantinos Dimitriou, Chrystalla Skordou

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