Luna Rosa Theatre Company presents the new baby theatre with the title ‘Patito’, for babies aged 0-24
Bath time! Time to play! Is there anything more exciting than playing in the bathtub? Lala enjoys taking
her bath in the company of her favourite yellow duck, Patito! Together they are drawn to exciting
adventures full of imagination, music, dance and lots of laughter!

A happy, tender story created exclusively for babies, making their first theatrical experience special,
while giving them the chance to organically respond to all the stimuli around them and activating their
senses. It is a unique experience for the parents as well, who will witness the unexpected and
spontaneous reactions of their baby. Together they will have the opportunity to explore and become
one with their surroundings, getting really close to the story and the characters.

The small number of spectators is what makes this kind of performance a sensory, fulfilling experience.

Tickets: 96455929
Performances: June 12-23
Mornings: Wednesday and Saturday 10:30
Afternoons: Tuesday – Saturday 18:00

Creators: Lena Kasiou & Anthi Kettirou
Performer: Chrystalla Skordou
Ticket price: €15 – baby with parent (€5 – extra adult)

Location: Luna Rosa Theatre Company, 12 Kronos Street, Strovolos, Nicosia (google maps)

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