THE PODIUM is an International Festival of Contemporary Arts and performance. It aims to give artists, regardless of age, the opportunity to share their work through a creative and inspirational two-day performance collection. It features artists working between or across forms and with something meaningful to say. It offers a stage to early makers and more experienced artists whose work is grounded, generous to audiences and seek cultural dialogues. The goal is to promote ideas, both fresh and innovative, but also challenging to the viewer and the artist himself.

Our theme this year is «INNER DIALOGUES». It is consisted of five self-contained pieces, from different artist and together create an integrated piece. It is an abstact «collage» of artwork, with the use of various art disciplines, that together can be a whole. The differences between the makers’ work and their versatility can give the audience a unique experience, filled with inspiration, emotion, truth and an open window for reflection with their own inner dialogue.

Artist: André Soares-Portugal

About the piece: A series of tryout that unfolds as Practicing Being*s and Creatures Anatomy. I invite all beings (the material as well as the spiritual, the animal, plant or human, mineral, the archetypes, the priests and the shamans, bodies with organs and without organs, the fluid, the orgasmic, the subtle and the void ones, the dark bodies and the light ones to); beings that arise or disappear are welcome to acclimatize, to dance, to be touched and to touch. The draw of the space is cyclic and the direction is flow, the “maai” is sensitive and vibrational. The continuity is made of perceptions that collaborate to a common realm of diversity and care…”

Quote: “The body that measures the landscape, the body in intercourse with weather, the body kissing mass of peat, the body in love-death relation to the day. For me, the dance has been a symbol of despair and courage.” Min Tanaka André Soares researches and creates trough choreography and visuals, objects, light, sound and sculpture mediums for and with human bodies and other forms of life. MA and BA in Industrial Design; BA in Contemporary Dance and Post-Graduation in Physical Theater. Practitioner, choreographer, mover, designer, sculptor, facilitator and always wandering. Now taking part on New Performative Practices MA at DOCH, Stockholm UNIARTS.

Title: Prayer
Creative team: Marina Pogiatzi, Alice Evgeniou – Cyprus

About the piece: The work is about the inner need for transcendence. Draws inspiration by the greek myth of Atlas who was deemed to hold the world on his shoulders.

Quote: “Social reformation begins-always starts with the individual” Caroline McHugh on the Art of Being yourself

Marina Pogiatzi is a dance artist and teacher based in Nicosia, Cyprus. She is the artistic director of newly formed Mitra Dance Theatre, a “home” to open original ideas to new audiences and unexpected matches between classical and contemporary. Her work is based on exploring narratives through movement primarily but also in an artistic dialogue with other art forms.

Alice Evgeniou is a Manchester Metropolitan University graduate and participated in plentiful seminars and workshops including Laban, English National Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Magpie Dance Company, Retina Dance Company, Shiobhan Davies Dance Company and more. As of 2010 she works as a professional dancer in Cyprus performing in numerous projects with different choreographers, whilst she owns/directs and teaches at her dance studio Vaganova Dancing Times.

Creative Team: Shaula Cambazzu – Italy, Lucile Cocito – Belgium
About the piece: Artemisia project – watermelon performance is a physical and vocal performance for a female performer and three watermelons. Artemisia, is a woman lost in the world’s capharnaum. She struggles with herself on an unstable balance. Rounders, weights, cold. She staggers, bursts into pieces, gathers away and like a phoenix, stands up alive over and over again. The Watermelon performance is issued by the contemporary theatre play Artemisia Project, co-written by theater director Lucile Cocito and choreographer Shaula Cambazzu, presented for the first time at the Théâtre du Soleil in Paris in March 2018.

Quote: “ARTEMISIA PROJECT puts things in perspective whilst also making us dream, smile and reflect on what it is to be a woman today.” 50-50 Magazine

Lucile Cocitto (Belgium) and Shaula Cambazzu (Italy) lead Artistique Theatre, a theatre and contemporary dance company based in Paris. They have collaborated and peformed together since 2007. Alongside Artistique Theatre, Lucile is Assistant Director to Robert Lepage and Ariane Mnouchkine and Shaula is a choreographer and teacher for CFB451, Cie Les Nouveaux Disparus and Structures Sonores Baschet.

Artist: Constantinos Dimitriou – Cyprus
About the piece: Data. A human subject. Observation, information, findings. Experiment. Protocol. Procedure. Reaction. Effectiveness. Confidentiality. Science. Human brain. Human behavior. Choices. Perception.

Quote: “Definition of guinea pig: 1: a small stout-bodied short-eared tailless domesticated rodent (Cavia porcellus) of South American origin often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research — called also cavy 2: a subject of research, experimentation, or testing” Merriam-Webster

Constantinos has studied acting at the Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School of the Satyricon Theatre. He has participated in a variety of theatre and TV productions during the last seven years. He aims to create and develop the drag scene in Cyprus with shows, performances and competitions.

Creative Team: Fenia Kotsopoulou – Greece / Daz Disley – UK
About the piece: “Abandoned place with layers of colour : each room a different silent story. The wind comes in through broken windows as outside birds are singing. Inside : I hear my breath, my steps. I am alone here and my heart beats fast so I dance. I dance with my fears.”

This video is a reaction to the fractured memories of a transient hospital community long departed from this abandoned place where now shadows of experience reside in the decaying remains of once majestic architecture: Beelitz¬ Heilstaetten (Germany), TB clinic and sanatorium turned military hospital where both Hitler and Honecker were patients. Now an abandoned, haunting,eerie place; shrouded in mystery, occupied by the accumulated memories of thousands of patients. The dance is a spontaneous reaction to the fragmented memories hidden within the walls and the effects both a metaphor and communications channel for the myriad distressed psyches informing the performance.

Working together since 2013, Daz & Fenia come from the fields of Music and Dance and collide in a jointpractice centred on exploring the synthesis and synergies of their diverse work in coding, performance, live art and ultimately video. Primary areas of their (serious) play tend to fall into the dimension of time and the presentation of liminal realities, fragmentation, and the embodiment of fractured psychies – although they don’t rule-out wider explorations, character developments and topics with more politically sensitive subject areas.

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